About Us

A&A Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., one of the star companies under Miraj Group (a group involved in real estate and construction activity) is a national building contractor serving industrial, commercial and residential markets. Since our beginning 15 years ago, we have grown from a small firm to a mid-sized company. Though a lot changed in terms of volumes of work being handled, but our commitment regarding Quality, Performance, Integrity and Safety have remain unchanged. Our commitment along with our focus on customers, employees and society at large have allowed A&A Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. to grow exponentially and serve a wide range of clients.


A&A Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. mission is to provide the highest quality to it’s customers. Competition, timeliness, integrity and skill are the drivers of our mission.


A&A Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. vision is to be the foremost contractor of choice, through constructive and caring relationships with customers, suppliers and peers.

Quality Statement

Quality is never an accident, It is always the result of high intention sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents “The Choice” of many alternatives. We at A&A Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., always strive to deliver quality.

Core Values

  • We believe in developing quality work while maintaining high standards of ethics and values.
  • Operating flexibility and adopting to clients requirements is our priority.
  • We strive to develop extreme loyalty through exceptional performance.
  • We challenge and help every worker to reach their full potential.
  • We realize that people are more important than monetary gain.
  • We support social causes for the benefit of society at large.
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Updated on 01/02/17